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¿Puede usted decir búsqueda y asimiento desrazonables?

Well, I am not sure I can either.

By now everyone should have heard about the new laws in Arizona. I am not sure how anyone could not be outraged. This is one of the worst decisions ever signed into law that I have ever heard of. It's unenforceable, illegal, and flies in the face of some of the most valued of our social and cultural standards. Even those on the far right will not be able to make a valid argument for the intelligence of this bit of tripe. All those half baked complaints about the destruction of the Constitution and not a peep about this travesty.

It's not about harboring illegal aliens. It's about the rights of the average citizen to be protected from search and seizure. Yes, that's right - the average Joe. See, since it is often impossible for the law to determine who is illegal and who is not they will have to infringe on the rights of many Americans who happen to “look” like they could be illegal; but are guilty of nothing at all. And if you refuse, you can be charged with obstruction and several other additional charges – and even worse – if the police are deemed by some annoying busy body (who wants to harass the most likely perfectly legal family of Hispanics next door who throw loud parties) as not enforcing this crazy law, they run the risk of being sued; thus forcing to the police into a no win situation where they will get sued for enforcing the law or not.

And so what if I have no reason to fear being stopped myself? That isn't the point. Everyone in this country is assumed to be innocent and protected from unreasonable search and seizure. SO what if I get stopped once, or twice, or a dozen times - I guess it isn't unreasonable if you are a middle aged white person in a Lexus.

Makes me want to dress the part and go to Arizona just be able to get arrested and file a suit myself. This is the sort of thing I have been expecting since the days of Junior.

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