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What will happen?

I am quite taken back by the vast difference in opinion over the state of the economy between mainstream sources and alternative.  Is this Bill going to pass and we'll just continue to see decline in the markets, as the mainstream tells it?  Or is there any real credit to the massive amounts of "THE SECOND DEPRESSION IS HERE" headlines that front many 'news' sites?   

I have a pretty basic distrust for the government.  Not a lot, but enough that I won't push aside even the craziest of ideas posposed by the craziest of people.  In todays day and age, no one is immune from greed, and greed makes people do some stupid shit.  So when I heard about the 9/11 conspiracy years ago I did not push it aside.  Though, for different reasons, I also did not push aside the idea that we didn't land on the moon.  I even wrote an English paper in highschool (one of the FEW I wrote) outlining both sides of the arguement. 

So, with that said, I don't often find myself too wound up in the 'what lies beneath' part of the news.  However this current crisis we're facing has some very serious events tied to it.  Now the media, in doing what the media does best, does not, and WILL not connect these dots for you.  So like a loyal flock the people say "well i didn't see that on fox, so it couldn't possibly be true, you're crazy'. 

I guess I'm am seeking a bit of clarification... and that is:  Do the alternative news websites blow up any news item they feel fits into the plan for a 'new world order'?  I just want to be sure that I am not wasting my time going back and forth, doing my best to fact check some of these articles.  So if anyone reads this, and knows much about the subject I would really appreciate some input.
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